Let me tell you about a small village in the Southeastern corner of Germany: It lies just 7 kilometers north of Rosenheim, the mid-point between Munich and Salzburg. It’s right in the middle of the Bavarian countryside. There are villages everywhere, narrow winding roads to connect them all, and the smell of cow manure is ever present with all of the farms.


A view from the B-15 of Mühlstätt and the Alps


Welcome to Mühlstätt. This is where I’m staying for two weeks before I head to Salzburg for the fall semester. It’s where my Grandma (Oma), two uncles, aunt, and three cousins live. Mühlstätt may be a tiny village, but the Schewe family property is a busy place.


The house and car shop


The house is where my Oma and uncle Holger live. It is the house that she and my Grandpa (Opa) bought when they moved to this corner of Germany in the 1974, and it used to be a farm-house. They moved there because my Opa got a job in Northern Italy, but they wanted to keep my mom and her three brothers in the German school system for their last few years of school. I have a bed up in the attic. It’s usually quite comfy up there, but I’m always hoping for cool weather because the house doesn’t have air conditioning… The house has a Veranda with a bunch of indoor plants and a large table for family get -togethers.

Schewe Textilwerbung, my uncle Christoph’s business, does screen printing on all sorts of shirts, jackets, and shorts. The whole operation takes place in a workshop that holds the two printing machines, the drier, and his offices. Behind the house is the old screen printing shop, but now it’s a workshop where Christoph works on his Volkswagen Käfer cars. His loft apartment is above the storage room connected to the car shop. The storage room is where my uncle Franz stores tools and wood because he’s a carpenter or in German, a Schreiner. His workshop is right next to the storage room, and above the carpentry shop is the apartment where my aunt Christina and my cousins Laura, Niklas, and Melanie live. Behind the workshop and apartment is my Oma’s Garden. She plants a variety of vegetables and fruits that she uses to make salads, dishes, and jelly.


The carpentry shop and apartment right next to the Garden


The front yard and the house


Schewe Textilwerbung

As you can see, there’s always something happening here, and some of my best memories come from times when my family visited our relatives in Bavaria!


My Uncle Christoph and I on a go-kart he made from a lawnmower engine and a dolly in 2002


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